Did You Miss Me ?

July 05, 2016

Oh it feels good  great to be back!
“What happened to your blog?”
“Why aren’t you blogging?”
“Why are you absent on social media?”
I’ve heard it all. So here’s the story:
Being the procrastinator that I am, I kept on postponing paying blue host for hosting my blog ( renewing the hosting) until all my data was lost. Literally everything was gone, all the hard work of > 2 years was gone. But to be honest, I’m not really that sad about it. Not that I don’t like my blog or work, but I really felt like I needed a fresh start. A fresh start with better content and better photography, and what better way to do so than to start a new blog all over again ? Of course that wasn’t done on purpose, but it happened and I took advantage of it.
The upcoming 4 photo shoots you’ll see were all done before I lost my data, back when I still had blonde hair and the sun was shining. Also, if you follow me on Instagram you’d notice that I’ve been posting photos from these photo shoots. I know I should have waited until they were on the site, but I just couldn’t! #bloggerproblems
Also, you can see that I’m no longer a WordPress user, I’m on Blogger now.
As a new resolution for this new blog, I’ve decided to keep it as minimal as possible. Meaning that:
1.       Don’t use too many categories, limit it down to 3 or 4 max.
2.       I’ll post only things I’m passionate about and not just random things I find interesting.
I hope you like this outfit and the new blog that I’m still working on. I’m still adjusting to Blogger and all the tech stuff. Tell me what you think and I’ll see you soon !


Top: Topshop | Shorts: BikBok | Shoes: H&M 
Bag: Zara | Ring: Call it Spring 

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