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August 01, 2016

"Every saint is just a sinner waiting for an opportunity"

I don't wanna say that I live by this quote because there are far more important things in life, but to me this quote is very important because it basically sums up all human intentions and actions. 

Let me tell you one little fact about me: I don't really trust people who appear to be perfect and saints. I don't trust someone who claims to be innocent and with 100% pure intentions. I don't believe people who say they haven't done anything wrong and will never do. Trust issues ? Maybe. But that's not all.

Don't start getting all judgmental on me, I'm not saying that there aren't any good people on this planet and the good ones are secretly bad ( in case that's what you thought). Nope, that's totally not what I meant. 

This is what I meant : All people have good and bad sides to them. But those who appear to be saints, aka have no bad traits, are actually just like the rest of the people but they're waiting for the right chance to sin ( of course, without anyone knowing they did).

What's wrong with sinning anyways ? I'm not saying we should go out there and do bad things and have bad intentions. But we're humans, we were born to make mistakes and learn from them. Why are we ashamed of this fact ? It's not the sin that counts, it's how you deal with it. It's how you learn from your mistakes, fix the situation, and how you grow.

See ? Sinners aren't the problem, but sinners who fake being saints are the real problem. Those are the people you should be scared of. They fake being saints to have more room to do bad things, or maybe to cover up of the bad things they did in their past. Unless they're really stupid/naive and think they're actual saints sent from above ( I do know a handful of those people).

I only trust real people. Those who admit that they're actual human beings with good and bad sides. Those who are very comfortable in their own skin that they show their true colors without hesitation and without fear that someone won't like them. Which brings us to the fact that many may fake being saints because of confidence deficiency, so they compensate by exaggerating and stuff.

Speaking out of experience: no matter how much a sinning person hurt you, someone claiming to be a saint will hurt you 10x. It hurts more when you least expect it. So you need to raise your guard when it comes to human interactions, but not too much that you lose trust in people and in yourself when dealing with them.

In the end, my advice is to you people: Embrace the good and bad sides of you. The good ones will serve to help others around you, and the bad sides will help you grow and mature.


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