Soften Your Glare

August 14, 2016

I've always been the smiling kind of girl, I can't not smile to people or to nice things or even the camera. But when I started to get more serious about blogging I started to realize that the smile sometimes ruins the photo shoot, of course depending on the outfit and location and the whole vibe I'm giving to the people. Certain moods require a more serious face, other moods require an artistic glare. Now of course being artsy or serious or even smiley must be complemented by your pose and body posture. If you're a blogger reading, this isn't new to you.

Being the smiley girl that I am, I decided it was time for a change. Now that's easier said than done. I started to look like a serial killer at first, then I learned how to soften this super serious glare of mine by trial and error.

As you can see in the pictures below, I'm smiling in some of them and not smiling in others. Do I look like a serial killer in the latter ? No. Or do I ?

Here's the different ways I achieved the nice non-smiling face in:

Start on the inside: Just because you're not smiling doesn't mean you don't have to smile on the inside too. Have friendly vibes and let them shine on the outside and that serial killer face will be gone in no time.You can: look down as if your eyes are closed { but they're really not}, look down and away { pic no.3} , look up and away { pic no. 6&7}.Basically looking away from the camera and just having a soft & friendly vibe. Now I'm still struggling with looking straight at the camera without smiling but I think I'm achieving that slowly like in pic no.15.

All in all, change is a process. But my smile is still one of my best features, no ? Yeah who cares what you think anyways, my smile is amazing.


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