First Date Outfit Ideas // #RomaticThursdays

September 15, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome back to Romantic Thursdays. This post is about my personal preference when it comes to first date outfits and I'm here to help you pick when confused. You have the entire freedom to wear whatever the F makes you feel comfortable, there are no rules.

The only rule I follow is this: COMFORT.

You can't argue with me on this one because 1) whether you like it or not, 1st dates are always stressful (to an extent) and 2) you need every chance to feel confident and pulling your shit together so 3) you can't really do that if you're stumbling with your heels on or not able to take big steps because of that super tight skirt. You have enough things to be stressed about so let's not make your outfit one of them.

Note : Excuse some of the crappy quality of photos because I screenshot them from Instagram directly (couldn't find the original).

1) Button Down Shirt

You can never go wrong with this. It's classic and comfortable. Pair it with a tank top underneath and add a choker & necklaces.

2) High-waisted Denim Shorts

These go great with Supergas or any platform sneakers you own.

3) T-shirt Dress

4) Denim Jumpsuit

Warning: Pee-ing will force you to take it off entirely. So avoid ingesting any form of fluids

5) A Bodysuit with a Light Cardigan

Bodysuits always have a sexy effect you can't deny. So you can always take off the cardigan when you want to. Also, you can dress down a bodysuit like this.

6) Sporty Dress with Sneakers

7)Go All Black

So he can see your black soul from day one.

8) Feminine Dress with Sneakers

9) Mom Jeans with Neutrals 

 Mom jeans are always a statement. You can wear them with dark or light colors, it doesn't matter because they'll always be the center of attention. #attentionseekingwhores 

10) Mom Jeans with a pop of color.

11) Printed Pants

12) Dress up an Over-sized Vest

13) Dress down an Over-sized Vest

14) And When you Decide to be Dressy..

The only time it's acceptable to wear heels on the 1st date is when they're SUPER DUPER comfortable like the ones in the pic here, or platform heels. This outfit is my personal favorite if we're going somewhere a bit more fancy shmancy and I need to dress up a little bit.

Do tell me if you took inspiration from any of the above outfits.

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  1. Comfort is definitely the most important! My go-to is usually a casual dress with sneakers, best combo eva <3

  2. I would definitely go for
    4/ 7/ 12 and ofcourse 14 <3

    Looking great in all of them tho!

    L, xo.

    Le Journal de Leen


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