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September 08, 2016

So before I start, let me tell you how this series is gonna go. We'll be posting about the relationships' milestones, might be one post for a milestone and it might be more, 7asab. So what is a milestone ?

Milestones represent major steps of every relationship ( events every couple goes through).

So today's milestone is *drum roll* meeting & getting to know the other person :D (duh)

DisclaimerAll what's written is my own personal opinion based on how I think and the experiences I've encountered. Any form of sarcasm isn't being mean at all, I use sarcasm to deliver a certain idea to you. I'm also not being judgmental in any way and I'm not generalizing any experience I've seen over the entire Lebanese population. I know not all guys are like I described them, but this post is for entertainment only.

Here are the ways couples meet (the most common ways we're familiar with in our society):


Here, they meet either on dating sites or on social media. 

I won't elaborate much on dating sites because 1) I'm not very familiar with it and 2) I really don't like it because 3) I honestly think it's a way to get laid, not to build a relationship. But that's just my opinion and I'm not judging (after all, it's not popular in my region) , I'm sure some people still use it to have an honest & genuine relationship.

Let's move to the social media category: Here we have the good and the non-decent.

The Good: Some one who saw your pictures and fell for your looks. He wanted to meet you and talk to you, he's really interested in you. Ghalat ? No. He'll start finding cute little excuses to talk to you and get to know you better, even if they're cliche, you'll still know he's a decent guy.

The non-decent: The one who thinks Facebook/twitter/Instagram is a dating website so he goes & follows/adds as much girls as possible. Of course, preferably super hot & with big boobs. How does it begin ?
"Hi, Fina net3arraf ?"
"ente ktir helwe."
"nice pix" 
And those are just the decent phrases. Stupid, but decent.I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with these phrases if not all.
Then if you decide to be somehow stupid and reply to him, he'll start asking questions about your age and hometown. After all, they must know where you're from to check if you're date-able, aka belong to the same religion/sect. Of course not all guys are like that, but a big portion is.

10 mins later you'll see him asking you questions like "tell me more about your character" and "shu lsifat lhelwe wl besh3a fike ?" WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK !? Like adding a complete stranger and talking to her isn't creepy enough, they have to get deep & personal with you as well.

Ya khaye, that's not how you get to know someone's character! 

People who meet other people online must understand this: msh ghalat for you to meet people online, just don't rely on it 100% to get to know them. Go out with them for a couple of weeks, see how they are in real life. God what if they're a fake account ? what if they're lying about something ? What if they're a goat ? How stupid can you really be ?

2-Face to face:

This is my personal favorite because it's the most real & romantic *inserts hearts face emoji*

You meet him at a party, an event, the gym, at a supermarket maybe. It starts with eye contact every now and then, and then one of you smiles. After a while one of you will approach the other and get talking & the rest is mystery.

AKID there are countless ways that you two can approach each other, but this is generally how it goes

This is one of my personal faves because you can actually see with your own eyes the way he flirts because it shows a side of his character. You can check if he's slightly nervous because that means he's really interested and/or afraid you'd reject him.

One extra thing: you can check how he really looks like. I'm not saying that looks matter more than character, but can you remember how many times you met someone "soo hot" online and then face-to-face he's not even "luke warm" to begin with ? Pictures are deceiving after all. 

3-Mutual Friends:

They either introduce you so you could date, like going on a blind date or something.

Orr they introduce you as friends at first, and then the chemistry will play its role and get you two closer and closer over time.

4-Arranged Marriages:

When families do their so-called magical formulas on which cousin they pick for you and they draw the family's offspring for generations to come.

You know that cousin you used to see only at family gatherings and play together and stuff ? He's 7-8 years older than you so you couldn't get along well. Well guess what ? He's in America or France or Africa ( the cliche countries most Lebanese people travel to to study/work) and he finished his degree in engineering or medicine or pharmacy or any prestigious degree that makes lots of money in the eyes of Lebanese parents( ma3 enno if we wanna be frank here, nothing makes lots of money anymore, unless you're  part of the corrupt system or something) Aaaaand guess what ? He's looking for a 3AROOOS. 

Kill. me. now.

How many times did this scenario happen to you or to someone you know ?

You know why I hate this way of meeting people so much ? Because it only focuses on marriage, it doesn't focus on love. This guy who has been working for a long time outside the country only wants to marry a Lebanese girl and there are no Lebanese girls there ( msh enno l lebneniye m3abyin ldene kella). He's almost 30 and he NEEDS to get married now, he doesn't look for a solid foundation or a partnership or love, no. He just needs to get married. Let's just find some decent girl ( msh beyes temma ella emma) and fast forward to the marriage part.

I hope you guys liked today's post :) Do you know other non-conventional ways people meet ? Share them with us below. Also, check out Thea's post about meeting your ownself.


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  1. I always reply with that standard Miss Lebanon answer of "min hiweyete rakb el khel" :p


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