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September 01, 2016

As our Instagrams have been promising, Thea and I have a little something for you: It's a RELATIONSHIP SERIES on our blogs! *hurray voice*
We have been discussing this series for a loooong time now, but we only got our asses to actually start working on it until recently.
How did we come up with the idea ? Well you know, love & relationships are one of the many topics discussed greatly by close friends. Experience after experience, good or bad, we called ourselves the relationship-savvy people. And so we decided to help the people around us with what we learned, with a sprinkle of humor of course.

I am not a couples therapist nor am I a psychiatrist ( for those of you going insane because of a relationship), I'm just a normal human being with real encounters and here to share them with you. I'm here to clarify more what a real relationship must feel like, it's relative of course from one couple to another.But trust me, it's nothing like the movies, it's even better !
Now you'd ask yourselves this:" Why are two people doing this series ? Isn't one enough ?". Well of course, one serving of our cheesy humor and you're pretty much dead. Okay no. This is the real reason: Thea is super in love with herself that she actually forgot to buy herself a boyfriend {email me for more info on buying a bf} which came to our advantage! Thea will be covering the relationship with oneself, and I'll be covering the romantic relationships part. And NO, this doesn't mean that I don't love myself nor does it mean that Thea isn't capable of romance with other homo sapiens. It just happened to be that each of us blabs about these topics more than the other. And so we decided to put the blabbing into action  typing.

Are you ready to take on this journey with us ? Doesn't matter actually, we'll bombard you with it anyways.

Stay tuned for #RomanticThursdays with us. we'll publish a post every Thursday: (Almost) same topic, but different direction of interest of course.

We'll always welcome constructive criticism and any opposing point of view. This is after all made for discussions and stuff.

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  1. Yeah it does. I can't do romance with homo sapiens duh 😂😂 - but yeah I'm in love with myself aren't i perfect? 😍😂

  2. Hahaha Love this idea!!


    L, xo.

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