What to Expect on a First Date // #RomanticThursdays

September 23, 2016

This post title will carry many meanings depending on how you see it. But this is what it's really about:

You know how when you're so into someone you think you're gonna get married ? Right. Well I don't wanna burst your bubble, but I kind of will. Not all first dates will go as amazing as you planned, some will go even better but some won't go at all. Let me tell you all the possible downsides or turnoffs you might face on your first date, hence what you should expect. That is of course if it's someone you newly met, not someone you've been friends with and THEN fell in love with.

1- Awkwardness/Nervousness: This one is pretty obvious, say no more farah.

2-Different views on paying the bill: If you were expecting him to pay the bill and he doesn't, it's a problem. If you were expecting to split the bill and he didn't let you, it's also a problem. This topic is always under debate: Should he pay ? or should you split it ? I don't think there's an answer to that, you just gotta do what makes you feel comfortable. Only problem is if what makes you comfortable doesn't suit him and vice versa.

3- Opposite Religious views: And by this I don't mean different religions or sects, but like specific ideologies. You can be of the same religion or sect, but still find certain disagreements to set you apart or turn you off. I know it's stupid to not be with someone because of this, but sometimes such ideas are built into your mind that they become part of your ethics without even noticing it, and you start rejecting everything that opposes that. Sometimes this isn't the problem, because your date might be like super intense when it comes to his/her views so keep that in mind. What you thought Mr. Right might not be as open minded as you thought. We all put on the best version of ourselves to impress our crushes/dates, but in the end, the truth will be revealed.

4-Bad Oral Hygiene: Bad breath ? Not-very-clean & pigmented Teeth ? You can be daydreaming about him that you miss out on all the details. Unless he has a dental problem causing him all this, bad oral hygiene is not acceptable! You have no idea how common this is IRL (in real life).

5- Touchy Touchy! Unless you're in for intimate cuddling from day one, this is a total red flag. First dates are supposed to be a chance to get to know the person on a deeper level before you even decide if you wanna be touchy and all. Of course by touchy I don't mean holding hands or a simple hug, I mean the more intimate stuff.

6- Talking about an Ex: An ex is an ex for a reason, otherwise they shouldn't be right here right now on a date with you { same goes to you}. If an ex HAD TO BE mentioned in a sentence it's fine, but don't give it much attention than it already deserves.

7- Not much Eye Contact: To me, eye contact is a form of physical intimacy that speaks louder than kissing/hugging. It's a form of physical intimacy to prepare you for the real thing. By eye contact you'll know if there's a spark or not. So if your date isn't giving you a moderate amount of eye contact ( too much of it gets creepy to be honest), that means he's either shy or doesn't wanna get too close to you. But you'll never know unless you wait so stay patient.

8- Someone who thinks he's superior to women: I know we're not in the medieval stages today, but such guys still do exist. He might be the most open-minded person when it comes to LIFE, but he'll still see himself superior to women. He might be the kind of guy that tells you what to wear or what not-to-do, he might demand you to do certain things you're not comfortable with. You might think I'm taking it to the extreme, but this was all seen with my own naked eyes. If you notice any signs of this, RUN, RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK.

9- The Narcissist:  Beware of the human being that's obsessed with himself. I once dated a guy who was obsessed with his looks, yea, goodbye 3ammo. Self-confidence is a major turn on to me and to many other girls, but being a narcissist actually means there's a hole inside of him he's trying to fill, and no, you won't be let him use you to fill it. Other symptoms include: talking about nothing but his success in life and/or social status in general and how he only cares about material things. Of course he won't tell you that literally, but you'll get the idea when he starts blabbing.

10- The I wanna marry you tomorrow dude: You might be fantasizing about the perfect relationship in your head, the perfect love that will turn into a marriage in several years. But his nickname is Mr. Mesta3jel and he wants to start planning your wedding ASAP. That's not entirely a bad thing because it means that this guy has pure intentions and actually plans to stay around. But it also means ( most of the time) that he's just fooling you to think that he wants to marry you so that when he gets physical with you way too soon, you'll think it's okay because you're getting married. But you probably won't.


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