10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying It // #RomanticThursdays

October 20, 2016

An action is worth a thousand words.

Call them Cliche all you want, but love really is in actions and not words. Not all of you will probably get how important these are until you actually truly love someone and be loved.

1- Cook them their favorite meal.

2- Surprise him/her at work.

3- Leave cute notes on their stuff.

4- Join them at their favorite activities.

5-Send cute little gifts every now and then.

6- Pamper them with a massage or anything that relaxes them and gives them a break from work.

7- Ask them about their day everyday ( or masalan how did they sleep).

8- Show the public you're proud to be with him ( even if it means you have to brag).

9- Send them romantic verses of songs that remind you of them ( or prolly the whole song).

10- Watch their favorite movie with them.

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