Her Name is Dusk

October 03, 2016

She's the kind of girl you always see enthusiastic, she doesn't have to necessarily be happy but she has this undeniable energy that's so clear. It's so contagious you can't but feel good about yourself around her.This girl is always excited about something: the clothes she's wearing, the food she's eating, the friends she's with, or seeing her love because it always buzzes her with good energy. Don't get it wrong, it's not a superficial excitement, this girl is nothing but shallow. She's deeper than the deepest oceans. To her,nothing is exactly as it seems and there's more to the story than meets the eye .

She likes to surround herself with positive people and is very adventurous & wild. She seeks freedom in everything she does: freedom of choice, speech, and clothes ( those are a form of expression after all). Always self-motivated, she never lets obstacles stand in her way. In fact, she sees obstacles as challenges because she doesn't take no for an answer.

Her name is Dusk. 

To many, dusk resembles sadness and the beginning to darkness. To them, dusk is when the light, the warm and energizing sunlight douses. But she's not like them, she's not like any other girl for that matter. She sees hope and happiness in dusk because it's a chance for a new beginning and a new dawn. She sees dawn and dusk as very alike because they're both transitional periods and gateways to new beginnings. Every new day begins with dawn and you can't have dawn without a dark night, and you can't have a dark night without the dusk.

Her love for new beginnings can be seen through her love for books. The word "bookworm" doesn't begin to describe her passion for reading & knowledge. With every ending book, there's sadness yet excitement to begin with the next one. She falls in love with characters and doesn't want them to leave, yet she believes that it's for the best because better things in other books are coming.

She's named Dusk after all the positivity and hopes she has in her heart, whether for herself or for others. She's named Dusk after her persistence to succeed and shine despite all what's bringing her down. 


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