The Back to School Outfit

October 11, 2016

The phrase "Back to School" means much more to me than actually getting back to school. It means a fresh start, even more fresh than the new year. To be honest I don't really believe in new year's resolutions 'cause most of the time we end up not doing them ( or at least most of them). Instead, I believe in the Back to School resolutions. Whether you're going back to school, university, or simply working the fall time is the perfect time to the fresh start you always wanted. Summer is over and everything is back in routine, they say routines are boring but I actually love them because without a ritual for my day I can't really go on with it.

And what do I imagine when someone says "back to school" ?


I've been hunting for the perfect, authentic-looking denim jacket and I got my eyes on several ones at Forever 21, but my aunt told me while we were there that she has this old denim jacket that would be the perfect fit. She said it's even prettier than all the ones we saw in Forever 21. Now because of my trust issues and the known history (and present) of my aunt's fashion sense, I had a bad feeling about this. But I said I'd wait a couple of days, those jackets weren't gonna go anywhere after all. When she showed it to me I fell in love, this was exactly what I was looking for: A perfect, authentic-looking denim jacket. It has the perfect size, color, and texture. The ones at Forever 21 were a bit more "stylish", but this is more vintage-y, if you know what I mean. I literally won't take this jacket off when the weather cools off a little.

P.S. It was 33 degree Celcius and I was drenching in sweat for 2 hours when these pictures were taken.

Top: Express | Pants: Vero Moda | Shoes: Topshop
Mirco Bag: Zara 


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  1. hahaha I know the feeling about your aunt, my mom sometimes does the same. Usually it's super cringy but other times it's awesome! Love the look. I shall see you tonight ^_^


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