The Perfect Timing for the Perfect Kiss // #RomanticThursdays

October 07, 2016

Let me break it down to you before you get your hopes up: There's no perfect timing to the first kiss. If you’re a girl or a guy looking for guidance to know when is the perfect timing to kiss your significant other, you’re doing it wrong. I don’t care what other people tell you:

1) " Wait at least a month"
2) "Oh no, you should make him/her thirst for it"
3) "I think it's better to kiss after you've said the I love you's"
4) " Oh you should kiss while saying the I love you for the first time"

Okay so now let me tell you this:

1)If a month has passed and you still don’t feel confident or comfortable enough, then timing has nothing to do with it and it will be a completely useless step. 

2)If he/she are really into you, they should be ‘thirsting’ already for the kiss, you don’t have to make them be so.

3)How the F do you even know which to do 1st? The I love you or the kiss? I mean how do you even decide the right time for admitting your love? You don’t, you just let it out when you feel it (we’ll get back to that in a post later).

4)Sometimes you’re too nervous about an I love you that you don’t need to be stressing about a kiss ( and vice versa)

There are no rules.

Kissing is one of the most intimate things. I even consider it more intimate than the other physical stuff. If it’s between people who are in love, it shows true and sincere feelings. I won’t talk to you about a perfect timing, but I’ll tell you this:

1)      Don’t do it if you’re unsure of your feelings.
2)      Don’t kiss if you’re not comfortable enough with your partner.
3)      Don’t do this unless you really really want it.
4)      Don’t kiss if you still don’t know what your S.O. thinks/feels.
5)      There’s no such thing as too early or too late. Just kiss when you feel it’s right whether it’s a week, a month, or a year.

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