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October 22, 2016

Ladies, Confidence isn't loud, it's silent. Confident women don't say they're confident, it just shines out of them. You just get the confidence vibe when you're around such people.

What makes a person confident anyway ? Great looks, charisma, impressive skills, knowing multiple languages, and amazing job, great friends...
and the list can keep going... If you keep flaunting all the great things you have or are born with using confidence as an excuse, well I guess your excuse is a lack of confidence.

But why so ? 

You see, sometimes it takes more than good looks & character to be confident. Remember how people say :"Happiness comes from within" ? Well, my friend so does confidence. It comes from the realization that you don't need people to accept who you are. What matters is that you accept yourself. It doesn't matter if you're the prettiest person on the planet, the richest, or the most charismatic if you still need people's approval.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that there's a thing as someone being "too much confident" because you can be as confident as you want to be, it's your choice. But what's not your choice is verbally showing a little too much of it to the people around you.

Confident people at heart know their ground & their value, that's why they don't feel the need to remind other people. Not only are they confident about themselves, but also about the fact that society can clearly know how confident they are. Which brings us back to the "confidence is silent" sentence.

Whenever you meet people who are overly enthusiastic about themselves, please don't feel intimidated by the fact that they're veeery self-confident because they're simply not. They're just acting this way to compensate some sort of weakness, emptiness, or simply a hidden & not a very self-confident character. They might be doing it to impress you, so anti-confident, no ?

And always remember: The most confident people are the most humble. I live by that sentence & you should too.


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