How To Know If You're In Love // #RomanticThursdays

November 03, 2016

You don’t.

Just kidding, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. People always say that when you’re in love, you’ll know. They start talking about things you feel and thoughts you have. And again I tell you, it’s not that simple.

First of all love is a relative thing, it means different things for different people. So if you’re here to figure out how you feel, I won’t be giving you bullet points and a guide to how you should or should not feel. This post won’t be long because I’m having the flu and would love to go to bed ASAP, just kidding. This post won’t be long because I won’t blab useless words, I’ll get straight to the point.


The feeling of love is a feeling of home. If you don’t feel like you’re home when you’re around that person, you’re not in love. I don’t care how much butterflies this person gives you, or how fuzzy he makes you feel. I don’t care about the euphoric feeling he gives you. These are not signs of love, those are signs of infatuation & lust. They might or might not lead to love, they might or might not be accompanied to love. What I know is that they’re not love.
You meet a new guy and “omg he’s so cute/hot” and “omg he asked me out” and then a couple of dates later you say the “I Love You’s”.


To me, love takes time. If a person really feels they’re in love so soon after meeting someone, I don’t think they’re mature enough. #sorrynotsorry
Even if after a while you feel that you’re really loving that person, you’re not IN LOVE with them. “In love” is a feeling that develops with time and companionship.

Would you feel like home shortly after meeting a new guy ? I mean yes you’ll feel comfortable and shit, but is this like the feeling you get when you hug your mom/dad ? Does it make you wanna stay there forever ? No ? Then you’re not IN LOVE. You just love the person and love being around them. Big difference.

Please save me all the crap you see & hear in movies, we aren't in a movie. This is real life so start acting and thinking real.


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