I Wear the Pants

November 28, 2016

More like : I wear the man pants, but only because those pants are from the men's section. Other than that, I only wear the pants.

Speaking of, I really hate how the term "I wear the pants" is only used in relationships and households. Can't I wear the pants in my own life ?

If you're wondering what this idiom means, here's the explanation: Back in the olden days, back where there were houses made of sod on the American prairie that people actually lived in, ladies used to wear dresses, men wore trousers (or pants). Also, ladies were treated as second class people. Ladies could not own property of their own. Ladies could not vote. Ladies could not enter into contracts. If you wanted to get someone in a household that had the ability to enter into a binding agreement, you needed a man. The only way you could tell a man from a woman in those days was to check to see what they were wearing. If the person was wearing pants, it was a man, and you could do serious business with him. If the person was wearing a dress, you did not bother with them.

Thus, the person in a household who makes decisions and is otherwise in charge "wears the pants". Sexist ? I think so, but guess what ? Ladies can wear pants too these days. 😃

Why does this idiom only mean power over others ? Like "I wear the pants in this relationship" means I control the important decisions and not my S.O. Or in a household when the mom/dad wear the pants they are responsible for all the family decisions.

But seriously, though, why can't I wear the pants in my own life if wearing the pants means having control over important decisions ? I'm a woman and I do wear the pants, both literally and metaphorically.

Don't tell me that it's of no use and that, of course, I'm in charge of my own life. Many people adults don't make their own decisions no matter how big or small they are, they let other people choose for them. Don't be like them, those are the pushovers we always hear about, and you don't wanna join their club. No. You need to wear your own pants and not let other people wear them for you. Besides, they look better on you when you're in the #girlboss state of mind.


Pants:  Pull & Bear | Shoes: Forever 21

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