Lexy Nail Couture - Product Review

November 07, 2016

We all have our special nail problems. I myself suffer from brittle nails, but only the index & forefinger nails (which is weird) & I never knew what to really do about it.

Until one day Lexy Nail Couture contacted me. After trying their products and waiting for the results, I was nothing but amazed. Read the details of each of the products.

P.S. I waited this long to write the review because I had to wait to see the effect of the nail hardening product.

So the perfect nail routine has to start with strong nails. I use this product as a base coat for my nail polish and as a nail hardener, even when I paint my nails at the salon I ask them to use this as my base coat. Can you spot the half of the vitamin pill ? The nails of my index and forefingers haven't been broken since! I waited to see if it's really the Lexy effect or just my body changing and guess what ? I'm not born with it, it's Lexy! Will definitely re-buy this product over and over again. Also, you can apply it as a topcoat for additional benefits.

Apply it every other day for 2-4 weeks and once a week thereafter.

After the base coat + the 2 manicure coats and before the topcoat, I recommend this magical potion that literally dries your nails in SECONDS. The dropper reminds me of the dropper we use in the lab :D This is a new product not seen very much in Lebanon, we only hear about base and topcoats ( and some nail hardening products). Let's spread the word!

At last, after the nails have dried we want to give them that extra shine + protect them from chipping.
Apply this first fresh after a manicure and then twice a week to revive the gloss.

These products can be found in pharmacies and Lebanese drug & makeup stores.

Let me know if any of you try any of these products :D So happy & proud of a successful Lebanese beauty product.


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