What Beirut Fashion Week is Really About ( La Mode A Beyrouth )

November 20, 2016

Many of you did not attend fashion week because you either might not be that much into fashion or you didn't know it even exists.

In this article, I'm getting very frank about it. Beirut Fashion Week is such a vague image to many people and this post will clear it up for you.

Disclaimer: All what is said down below is based on what I saw. I am not in any way judging the Lebanese taste, fashion is relative to each one after all. I'm only describing what shouldn't have been there and what has gone wrong.

1) Standards: To begin with, for those who did not attend: don't really think it's like New York or Paris Fashion Week,we're still new at this so we're missing the whole "luxury"part. And by "missing the luxury" I don't mean that it doesn't meet the standards, it does w kteer, but the whole experience of dressing up for the event and posing for the group of photographers outside the venue fighting to capture your outfit is still not there. You know what I mean ? Like the stuff we see on Instagram: catching up with fellow bloggers attending the shows together, having a bite after the shows; nothing of this is there.

2)Timing: I blame this on the timing, shows are from 5 pm and on. I would've really loved it if they were spread throughout the day. I know I'm being selfish and that not all people can attend in the day time, but this actually gives me the real Fashion Week experience, bloggers could have photo shoots in between the shows, have something to eat, run errands. It's all better than being in one place for 5 hours continuously. You'd be exhausted but it's so worth it.

3)Dressing for the Event: Now let's get down to the real stuff, what you would see there. I don't know if you're like me or not, but when someone tells you: Fashion Week, do you imagine people attending it in ball gowns and prom dresses ? No ? Bravo. But that's what was there. For the love of God, this is not a wedding or a party, this is a prestigious & chic fashion event, & this is definitely not a competition to see who can be the most vulgar (sorry but some of them were). Why don't Lebanese people understand the phrase "Less is More" ? Especially when it comes to makeup. I really felt sorry for the amount of time & money spent on those Halloween eyes. Don't Lebanese people know that you're more beautiful when you're natural ? Don't they get that ?
I really had the feeling that some people just couldn't wait to have an excuse (the excuse being fashion week, sadly) to explode their hidden wazwaze talents ( that should've stayed hidden). Again I'm really sorry, but no I'm not 😂 Have they really been so suppressed for so long ?

These are my top 2 favorite outfits that I wore:

Skirt: Miss Selfridge // Shoes: H&M // Bag: Lebanese Beauty Shop Check them out on Instagram for luxury bags at low prices 💁

I'm so in love with this one because those pants are basically 20 years old and they flatter my body. They were my mom's so I was rocking the vintage theme, for real.

4)Not a Genuine Fashion Event: I also noticed that many people aren't there for the sake of fashion, they went just for the sake of the event. They don't care about the designers nor about what's new in the spring season, they only went to gossip and take Instagram pictures. We all gossip and take Instagram pictures but that's not why we go to effing fashion week. This is such a disgrace for the word "fashion". As much as I love attending the shows every day, I honestly feel the idea of fashion week has been altered by us into something so shallow and less meaningful. I really hope for the authentic experience of fashion week to be preserved.

5)Punctuality: None of the shows started and ended at the time they specified. I don't know why and I don't know how, but it's very unprofessional to make the audience wait for it that much.

Conclusion: Was it a source of inspiration ? Well, not so much. I mean yes the designs were, but let's be honest: we all look forward to being inspired by the street style and haute couture we see there. But sadly no new ideas were added to my fashion mind that week, at all.

Did I die in my heels ? Yes, I did. Especially that there were barely any seating places in the showroom so we just sat on the floors. Not so glamorous, I know.

Were any of the shows boring ? YES, here's proof:

Would I go to La Mode A Beyrouth again ? I definitely would. If not for the clothes, for seeing the improvement Lebanon is making. 😀

Overall, I am very proud of Lebanon to have reached this stage in the fashion world, and I'm looking forward to seeing what we'll further reach in the fashion industry.

What were my favorite looks/shows ?

I was impressed by a lot of designs except a few that I don't have pictures of, but here were my absolute favorites: 

Abed Mahfouz

Hadi Katra Look #1

Hadi Katra look #2

Reem Kachmar

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