Dressing Like a Girl Boss - Introduction

December 11, 2016

What does a Girl Boss Mean ?

She's a hard worker, a go-getter, and an ass-kicker. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Constantly motivated and goal driven, she's rarely ever bored. She knows what she deserves and never settles for less.
When one door closes, another one opens ? She doesn't believe in any of these things. She builds her own doors and creates her own opportunities.
A girl boss doesn't have to work in a company and be the boss of a group of people, she doesn't have to work at a company in the first place. She's her own boss, and she gets sh*t done.

Why am I Doing this Project ?

The purpose of this project is both, entertaining and sort of educating. I wanted to express my inner girl boss through her fashion sense, and help other girls discover their inner girl bosses too. #girlpower

Which Girl Boss am I Portraying ?

I'm not gonna show you women dressed in suits or formal clothes and attending meetings. I'm not gonna show you super successful women running the world and doing the undoable. I'm just gonna show you myself dressed in 3 outfits, each outfit having its own character.

These characters are living with us every day, they might be moms or wives or anything they wanna be. They're pursuing their dreams and working hard every day.They also happen to dress for their part as girl bosses, each outfit speaking for itself.

Schedule ?

Yes, there is one. I'll be posting an outfit/character every Monday because you know, girl boss.

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