How to Style a Lingerie-Inspired Top

December 03, 2016

We've all witnessed the lingerie-inspired fashion somewhere on the internet, but for some reason I'm not seeing a lot of it here in Beirut city, and I think I know why.

People consider it a bit daring even though it's not actual underwear, I mean mine is a normal top from H&M  and I only got to wear it recently when I figured out how to style it. Yes I was one of the people who looked at it as a daring trend, enno after all it is "lingerie-inspired" and it has this intimate feel to it, whether it's the lace or the silk. 

But worry no more because I'll show you how to style it while feeling comfortable enough knowing that you're not wearing underwear ( because you're really not). The key is to style it down without stripping its essence away. Here's how: 

1. Your Choice of Denim Jeans:

I say style it down using mom, boyfriend, or flared denim jeans. In the pics below I'm wearing mom jeans from Forever 21.

2. Stack on the Accessories:

Wear a choker and layer your necklaces ( like in picture no.1) to reduce the intimate mood and give it a more laid back and casual vibe. This always works, accessories make or break your outfit.

3. Layering a Cardigan / Jacket:

Choose something that suits your combination of jeans and top. This will come in handy especially in the winter. Speaking of winter, you can wear a lingerie-inspired top over a long sleeved turtle neck too ! I'll show you how I style it soon on my Instagram 😀

4. Lipstick:

This is a personal preference, but if you're feeling that you styled it down too much, you can always wear a lipstick color that highlights it again. I chose red for my outfit here, but the lipstick doesn't have to be the same color of the top exactly. It just has to highlight it.

So there you have it: You styled down your lingerie-inspired top while still keeping it the center of attention and feeling comfortable and chic as always !

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