Dressing Like a Girl Boss - Corporate with a Fashion Twist

December 13, 2016

She might be working the 9-5 shift or having her own business, she's still a girl boss in the eyes of people and in her own mind.

If you think formal or business attires are boring, get ready to be proven wrong. This girl boss is nothing but boring or predictable. I mean yes she's wearing the tailored pants to maintain the formal dress code, but she adds a twist of her own to the rest of the outfit.

More is more when it comes to this girl boss. She didn't double think when pairing this top with this vest, but other people would have. That girl is no plain jane, she mixes prints and textures like a pro.

She might be business oriented, but she's a fashion lover at heart. In fact, she shot these pictures on her lunch break and was planning on going shopping the same day after work. There's no such thing as too many clothes, NEVER.

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