Why I won't be Writing New Year's Resolutions for 2017

December 29, 2016

I have to admit, new beginnings are really tempting, they give us a fresh feeling that we wanna accomplish things and do some changes. They give us hope and new possibilities.

But let's be real here: How many of us promise ourselves to start a diet and/or hit the gym in the new year? Or even on Monday, next month, when the holidays are over, or just any lame excuse tp postpone a project or something new in your life.

This post isn't about new year's resolutions in specific, I mean writing them down is a great tradition to set some goals, but it's about the fact that we humans wait for the beginning of something to start doing stuff like the beginning of a year, week, semester, BLA BLA.

Logically speaking, you should set goals like making a strategy for growing your business, reading more books, removing toxic people out of your life, and the list goes on. But do you really need the start of the year to begin doing things like that?

I have fallen into the same trap as you guys, writing this post doesn't make me any better than you. But will power defies it all when you're fed up with life and want a change or when you want something so much that you can't wait for a new year or month to start with it. 

In November, I decided to lose weight and guess when did my diet start? On a Tuesday! So close to Monday bas enno. During the second week of December, my friends and I decided to start our very own (mini) book club. This decision wasn't a new year's resolution nor was it decided on a Monday.

The point of this post?

Great decisions, changes, and projects come at the right time: when you really want them more than anything. Dieting and exercising may not be a priority to you on December 30th when you're writing your resolutions for the upcoming year, but you write it down anyway right? Because you want it done before summer right? You end up postponing it week after week because you're not feeling it just yet. Same goes for other important decisions that aren't very urgent.

My Advice to You?

Screw new year's resolutions. 

Set yourself some weekly and monthly goals. At the end of every month, sit back and reflect on what you accomplished the past month and write down what you'd like to accomplish the next one. Write them down as bullet points and break them down into monthly and daily tasks. You'll be reaching your goals through simple daily activities without feeling overwhelmed by the size of the mission/goal.

Trust me, planning is the key to everything and nothing is impossible once you work step by step.

Still Insisting on Writing Them?

I advise you to break down into mini goals and SET A DEADLINE

Otherwise, they'll only be ink on paper


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  1. My thoughts exactly! break them down into steps and the timing? well it comes by itself, right? :)


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