Why Lebanese Couples Fight // #RomanticThursdays

December 08, 2016

Disclaimer: This post isn't describing married couples, just normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationships. Also, I am not by anyway judging anyone for behaving a certain way in a relationship. The purpose of this post is entertainment only.

1) The "Mamnou3" Fight

How many times has the word "mamnoo3" or the sentence "ana ma be2bal 7abibte ta3mel/telbos X" been said between couples? We are approaching 2017 and we still have guys acting like her dad, telling her what to do and what not to do: whether it's in having guys friends, wearing a short dress, chewing gum ( yes, you read right), or laughing out loud. If you don't approve of her doing any of those things, pack your stuff and leave, one dad is a handful! 
P.S Some girls also act this way too, but I said "guys" because we're in an eastern society where a man thinks he owns his lady by being in a relationship with her.

2) The Jealousy Fight

This is basically relevant when he/she disapproves of something like going out with friends of the opposite sex. It's similar to the previous category, but instead of saying mamnoo3, the person asks his significant other to do whatever the F they want to do. 
Translation: I'm not okay with this but I'll keep punishing you and torturing you psychologically till the day I die. When I say no, you have to obey me.

3)The Being Mad and Not Speaking Up Fight

We call this in Lebanon "Tnakked 3ishto". They treat their significant other in a very mean way but don't spill what's bothering them. When asked if they're okay, they respond by saying that everything is just fine. But everything is not fine. This person thinks it's an excellent way to torture you or teach you a lesson. Admit it, you have done this as well.

4) The Attention-Seeking Wh*re Fight

The word "wh*re" doesn't refer to a female only, beware. A guy can be that too ! These people always want their significant other around them, loving them and spoiling them. No matter how much attention they receive, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH. The other person, in turn, feels suffocated and starts searching for the emergency exit.

5)The "You'd Rather Spend Time with Other People" Fight

The person initiating this fight can be an attention seeking wh*re or they might be innocently in love and want that person all for him/herself. If it's the second choice, that person must understand that their significant other has a life outside the relationship too. Yes, it's so cool to hang with your significant other's friends and family, but they need their alone time with them just like you need your alone time with your lover.

6) The "Fashet 5ele2" Fight

You've been under a lot of pressure lately whether it's from work, your family, money issues, friend drama, or all of them together, and you find your lover as your only way to relieve this pressure. So instead of talking to them about your feelings, you end up raising your voice and tfesho khel2kon fiyon, and one thing leads to another and next thing your know, you're in a mental hospital.

7) The Sexual Limits Fight

It's a known stereotype of Lebanese ( and many middle-eastern men) that they rush into the sexual things in a relationship. I know they're not all the same, but let's be honest here, if you live in Lebanon you'll get my point. Yes, I know that a guy who rushes into these things isn't worthy of you and only wants to get in yo pants. But sometimes you'll meet men that are genuinely into you and not just wasting their time, but somehow they still rush into things. They have a very high libido I guess ? Or he's just so rude that he doesn't understand his limits with you. These are the pushy men or the jle22in,  you know what I'm talking about right ? This always leads to a fight.

This is not only for guys, girls can be sexually pushy too.

8) The Soo2 Tafehom Fight

This is so very simple because it happens all the time. It's usually harmless, but sometimes one or both people can be so aggressive and/or have anger issues. They end having a bigger problem than the teeny tiny thing they started with.This sometimes leads to a break up which usually means that the love isn't strong enough, so ma b koon msadde2 ye5las mena, or the love is strong but the couple is so immature.

9) Drifing Apart Because of Parents

In Lebanon, if your bf's mother doesn't like you, one of two things are meant to be doomed: Your relationship with him or his relationship with his mother. The latter being so real when he's eben l mommy, so he'll definitely leave you. Not directly of course, he'll initiate fights just to get rid of you.

Now the 2nd most stereotyped thing is if the gf's father didn't like the dude or didn't see him as worthy enough to date his daughter. All hell will break loose if he ever decides to disobey his future father in law.

We also can't forget the problems that happen when the couple is of different religions or same religion but different sects. Again I say, this is 2016, being retarded is so out of style.

10) Trust Issues

In addition to you naturally having trust issues, your boyfriend/girlfriend is always fishy so you end up snooping on them: you check their phones and Facebook messages, you'll see things you won't like whether he's cheating or not.It'll lead to a fight anyways and possibly a breakup, because trust is the #1 thing to have when you're building a solid foundation.

Also, this isn't trending a lot nowadays, but do you remember when couples automatically exchanged email and facebook passwords the moment they announced being in a relationship ? This is one of the dumbest things EVER.

Do you know any other stereotyped reasons Lebanese couples fight about ? 

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