5 Tips to Dress Comfortably For a Long Day

February 14, 2017

I won't be talking about how to transition your outfit from daytime to a crazy night out. I'll be advising you how to come up with a comfy outfit that fits your entire day.

So have you ever had a super busy day ahead where you had to be absolutely comfortable but wanted to look stylish at the same time?

This long day can be classes from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, or for example, classes/work followed by a night out with your friends. It can also be a road trip or anything of that sort. So choosing what to wear is the last thing you wanna think about ( but you think about it anyways).

No worries. I got your back. Here's an example of something I assembled and the tips to dress similarly:

First- A Statement Item

It should be something that people first look at when they look at you. I chose this oversized blazer from  H&M because it has a vintage vibe that works for both, university and a casual dinner with friends.

You can choose an oversized vest or a bomber jacket, whatever catches the eye.

Second- Comfy Denim Jeans

DON'T wear skinny jeans. You're gonna be out all day and the last thing you need is something squeezing your skin and belly.

Instead, wear mom jeans or a cigarette cut like mine here from Bershka. Make sure they fit you right because contrary to common belief, these cuts aren't supposed to be "baggy".

Why denim and not normal pants (non-denim)?

1) They're so versatile and can be paired with everything.

2) They don't get dirty easily, or at least it's harder for them to show.

Third- Dem Shoes

Rule #1: DON'T WEAR HEELS. Especially if you're a uni student.

If your outfit will look good with heels, bring them with you in a bag and change into them at the end of the day. But if you don't have a car, carrying an extra bag can be a hassle sometimes.

My advice? Wear platform shoes. They can be sneakers like mine here from Superga, or they can be platform sandals or something. But stay away from fancy heels that make you wish you're dead.

Fourth- The Hair

If you really wanna complete your look, do your hair in a way that flatters your outfit ( and face). It may be a high/low ponytail, top/low bun, braids or just simply wearing it down.

This is so crucial. But why?

For instance, I don't think my outfit here would've had this 90s grunge vibe if my hair was let down because that would have given it a girly/feminine side. Are you feeling me here?

Fifth- The Luggage

A backpack. Duh.

You're gonna be carrying items like uni material, your makeup bag, snacks, and so much more, so I don't think they'll fit in a handbag. And even if they did, your hand will hurt from the weight.

Just make sure to buy a backpack you think is stylish and not your 8th grade backpack.

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