Are You Hydrating Your Skin Enough This Winter ? Here are 6 Products to Do So!

February 07, 2017

Winter always dries up your skin no matter its type, even when you don't notice it. This accelerates the appearance of wrinkles so you gotta quench your skin's thirst at all times. You don't have to see chapped and flaky skin to say that it's dry, just follow my instructions and you'll be great. These are my top 6 products I have used for the past year to prevent skin from drying up: 

1) Benefit: Triple Moisture Facial Emulsion SPF 15

You can't wear something thick and oily in the day time so this emulsion (oil in water) is super hydrating while still having the appearance of a normal face cream.

2)Caudalie: Beauty Elixir Facial Mist

This is like a wake-up call for your skin. I recently discovered this product and the next time I'm gonna buy it in a set of 2or 3. You can use this morning or night BEFORE your moisturizer. It prepares your skin for the moisturizing phase while opening your pores. Alone, it's not a deeply moisturizing product but it's an essential before any cream/oil because it enhances its effect. 

After only a couple of days, you'll see a glow in your skin that you've never seen.

You can buy this elixir at 10% OFF here using the code " BLONDEDUSKFEEL22"

3)Caudalie: Overnight Detox Oil

This is my 1st time using a face oil ( except for the time when I spread vitamin E oil pills all over my face, that was a mess) and unlike my vit. E experience, this one isn't messy at all. It's a dry oil: If you touch it feels like oil but your face doesn't look shiny in any way. Apply 6 drops in the evening ( after your elixir) and you'll wake up with hydrated and glowing skin in the morning.

You can buy this oil at 10% OFF here using the code " BLONDEDUSKFEEL22" 

4)L'Occitane Hand Cream

I never gave this product enough credit. It's 20% Shea butter( which we'll discuss in a bit) so you know it's super moisturizing. I have this in my bag wherever I go. It's not messy at all and is absorbed immediately so you won't get slippery hands, we all hate that.

5)Nivea Lip Butter

I bought this product 3 years ago when I went to Sweden, and it's still serving me! I prefer if you use this for the night time because it's super thick in consistency so you can't really apply lipstick over it. 

6) Pure Shea Butter

What's better than skin products rich in shea butter? SHEA BUTTER ITSELF! 
You can only get access to this product if you live in Africa or if you have relatives living there.
This is skin and hair product that does it all: Hydrate, protect, repair, heal, renew, you name it! I use it at night to replenish the lost moisture in the day and to reduce my acne scars because of its cell-renewing property.

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