La Mariée est Folle

March 08, 2017

A: Has she gone mad? She's a bride and she's wearing mom jeans, a plain white tee, and a long veil with suns on it!

B: I guess she has. A bride is supposed to be all pretty and stuff, no? She has to wear a long beautiful white dress and smile all night.

A: Absolutely! Why isn't this one smiling? Is she pissed off at something?

B: This is her wedding day, what's there to be pissed off at?

A: Maybe she doesn't love her husband that much.

B: Yeah that sounds logical. I mean getting married is a woman's lifetime wish and she's supposed to be thrilled!!!

A: Rumor has it she's got a boyfriend of her own.

B: Oh yeah? She must be waiting for him to come and rescue her and be her knight in shining armor.

A: But she doesn't look like the fairytale kind of girl. I mean look at her outfit, she's not even wearing a dress.

B: Look Look! That must be her boyfriend on the phone and it seems like he stood her up. *giggles*

A: Why did she even cheat on her husband? Is he not rich enough?

B: He must not be THAT good in bed.

A: Yup, that's the most logical answer!

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