3 Types of Meetings Fashion Bloggers Have and What to Wear for Them

June 29, 2017

If you find yourself often indecisive about what to wear in the morning and especially if you have an important meeting that day, this article is for you. Now as a fashion blogger you probably already got your sh*t together when it comes to assembling outfits, but if a meeting is important enough you're gonna want to give a good impression if those people are gonna work with you, no?

So here are the 3 types of meetings a blogger is gonna have and what to dress for them (+ where to buy):

1) Formal yet playful

This meeting is with a cool brand (not that the brand in the previous example isn't cool). They want you to be the face of their brand or part of a campaign. You'll discuss creative ideas and ways to promote them. You wanna look fashionable yet a bit formal to fit the occasion. After all, this is a business meeting

What to wear: Aim for
  • 1) Collars.
  • 2) Unusual items like this top that's short in the front and longer in the back.
  • 3) Statement accessories.

Where to buy:  Top and Earrings: Pink Aubergine                                               

2) The Business-oriented meeting:

Ok so all of them are business-oriented meetings, but this one is different. It's a big meeting with a big company discussing strictly business issues, money, and contracts.

What to wear: Aim for blazers or blazer-like jackets. If you don't want to be that traditional, look for clean and sharp cuts like the top I'm wearing under the jacket. Sharp cuts scream "formal" while being stylish at the same time.

Where to buy: Jacket: Pink Aubergine // Top: H&M

3) Casual but not plain

Meeting with a fellow blogger to talk about an upcoming collaboration, or just brainstorming ideas and shooting content together. You can be best blogger friends or not.

What to wear: 
  • 1) Mixing prints
  • 2) Mixing textures
  • 3) Layering
Even if this isn't a formal thing and you don't have to impress the person you're meeting, but you still have to look as stylish as you can ( but no too much or you'll look like you're trying so hard).

Where to buy: Whole outfit: Pink Aubergine.

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