3 Unusual Ways to Style Your Classical Shirt | Blonde Dusk x Second St.

June 26, 2017

If you know me well enough, you'll know already that I'm all about styling things in unconventional ways. For this article, I chose something that's inside every girl's closet and I decided to collaborate with Second St. for my mission. Now, these ways to style your shirt aren't THAT new but they don't occur to us while getting dressed each day. For some shirt inspo, keep reading.

 1) A Dress

Shirts long enough resemble dresses. A lot of us style them with leggings or really tight pants, but why not show off those legs? If you don't mind wearing relatively short hems, do pair the shirt with a pair of platform sneakers and you're good to go, or non-platform like these ones.

2) A Statement Sleeve

We're seeing them all over Instagram all big and puffy. But what if you can be a statement without wearing oversized sh*t? I'm in love with how unique yet chic this shirt is. Look for something like this, simple but with a twist.

3) A Vest

Sleeveless shirts can always be worn as vests. This shirt is such a statement because it's double layered ( the material on top is mesh) & long. It can also be styled as a dress if you button it up to the top, like this.

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