My Love-Hate Relationship with Mom Jeans

July 03, 2017

A Little Intro:

These pictures were part of a fashion experiment in collaboration with They gave me and 7 other bloggers the same black T-shirt and asked us to style it in our own way. So, I used these pictures with the mom jeans for this article. You can the article by clicking here.

So mom jeans have been a trend on every social media since early 2015 and people suddenly fell in love with a pair of denim pants that don't flatter your body just because they're "cool" and "trending". As the name indicates, they're jeans your mom would wear and it's true! My mom used to wear them since the early 80's or so, except that in the 80's it was how normal jeans were and not a trend everybody was following. I hate myself for this because you know how much I keep telling you not to follow trends religiously, but of course, if I didn't like mom jeans I wouldn't spend a dime on them in the 1st place.

So what's the whole fuss about? You see, mom jeans may look comfy and they are and aren't at the same time. Comfy because they're baggy enough not to stick to your body like skinny jeans do, and not comfy because the denim material of it isn't elastic enough for you to sit, make acrobatic movements, or just simply cross your legs so easily. I know that they're still denim jeans and not sweatpants, but don't you just love jeans that stretch?

Also, they make you look like you're 5 kilos more than you actually weigh. Before I lost the 7 kilos in the winter, I used to only wear mom jeans. I hated my body every morning because the mom jeans were growing tight on me and were showing how thick my thighs were (mom jeans are supposed to be a bit baggy on the thighs). But at the same time, I was too body conscious to wear skinny jeans that would highlight my body even more. So mom jeans were still better because I could still use them as an excuse for why I looked like I'm 5 kilos more ( I was 7 kilos more so that makes 12 kilos
but whatever).

Now that I'm 7 kilos lighter I fell in love with them again because I actually got that baggy look again.

I know that the person reading this might be in shock. Like isn't a blogger supposed to be talking about body confidence? Well, I could but I'd be lying. Many bloggers we know talk about how you should love your body no matter what, but who the F are they kidding ? I bet you that the moment they discover that a pair of jeans doesn't fit them anymore they'd go starve themselves.

Honestly? I wish I could love my body no matter what. I wish I can eat whatever I want without worrying about gaining any extra weight, but I think I got used to a certain body shape since I was a teenager. Speaking of body shapes, I'm not one of those girls who wanna be skinny and I never believed that a girl should be skinny to be beautiful. Bl 3aks, I see a lot of girls that are heavier than me and they're gorgeous as hell. I am not in any way influenced by models on the runway and I honestly don't like their bodies. It's just on a personal level, like many of you reading this article, hate my hips and how my thighs expand to the size of Russia when I sit down.


I'll continue to wear mom jeans as long as I'm in this weight range. If God forbid I gained those 7 kilos again, I'll lock myself in the house and never leave again. JK.

Not sorry for being honest.


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