When You Don't Think Like Everyone Else, You Don't Dress Like Everyone Else

February 28, 2018

·         Disclaimer: The following outfits are not something I would usually wear. They were shot to demonstrate a certain idea, which is why I decided to be a bit theatrical while choosing the outfits.
     I typed and deleted many things I wanted to say in this blog post, but then I thought: the title and the pictures of this post are pretty self-explanatory.😂
     But here's what I have to say:
     If there’s anything I learned from blogging in these 5 years, it is not to dress how everyone is dressing just because it "looks" cool or whatever. It is our personalities that make us different and dressing accordingly will definitely make your style unique.
     Now I'm not asking you to dress like a clown to be unique (like the pictures below), but as cliche as it may sound, just be yourself in order to stand out. It's as simple and complicated as it may be. It's simple because you just have to choose the clothes that represent your personality and feel most comfortable in because after all, confidence shows on you when you're most comfortable. It's also complicated because it takes us time to form our characters and figure out who we are in life. Very deep Farah..
     My advice? 
  1.       Be honest with yourself. Your style is gonna change every couple of years if not every year. So embrace that change because your style will evolve as you will too.
  2.       Don't go crazy on following trends. Choose the ones that represent your personality at the moment. They're called trends because they tend to fade away, so if you're gonna follow one why not make it genuine ?
  3.       Choose the bloggers you follow carefully because whether we like it or not, we are affected by them everyday without us even knowing. So better be positively influenced instead of following someone that makes you feel that you need to constantly be buying every trend that pops.

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