Why I Decided to Get Back to Blogging

February 19, 2018

Long story short: it's the only thing that's really ours to keep unlike Instagram, Snapchat, & Facebook that we can neither own nor control them. Shall I remind you of the crazy algorithm changes that happen every once in a while? Instagram does those things to keep us super glued and addicted to the app. 

Us bloggers were already losing ourselves in these apps without the algorithm changes. We totally ditched our blogs and followed what the cool crowd was doing: posting pictures of their lives and feeding their inner narcissist.

Personally, I lost my purpose and sense of direction 7 months ago as I was missing inspiration , and I snapped out of my bubble a couple of weeks back when I was watching YouTube videos about how to beat the new Instagram algorithm. Wanna know how? you basically have to center your life around this app which, if you think about it, is PRETTY INSANE.


What happens if one day Instagram suddenly decides to shut down, we don't become bloggers and influencers anymore ? It's scary if you think that what you've built over several years will vanish within seconds and poof! you'll stop being "a celebrity".

Will I stop using Instagram? Hell no! It's an important tool to showcase what I do, which is here on the blog.

I wanna get back to blogging to do things on my own terms: post the pictures I want, write what I wanna write, and not be limited by an algorithm. This blog will help show my real identity, unlike Instagram that's limited to a grid of pics that have to be "pretty" to catch people's attention.

Being pretty is flattering, but that's not all what I wanna be.



What I wore: Shirt: GS | Pants: Vero Moda | Shoes: Esprit

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